You should avoid these offers in a wide circle. First, they are NOT free! It’s all a trick to make consumers sign for automatic monthly supplies of bad product at awfully high prices. To simplify, these are just SCAMS. You should always read the fine print first. It is usually well hidden, somewhere like among “consumer information” or “terms and conditions”, written in miniature, microscopic letters. They hide it well so the people won’t find it before signing up for “free” product. Unfortunately, you are signing up for monthly shipments.

How Do These Scam Offers Work

Alert: Beware The “Free” Green Coffee OffersThey ask for your credit card information. This should be your first clue something is wrong. Their offer it FREE, so, why the credit card info? They claim it is only to charge the shipping. You may been fooled and you decided to quickly cancel the subscription. Oh, it will be very difficult. They are ready for everything. The customer lines often remain unanswered. For the future, remember that nothing good is free. Why would anyone bother to produce something and send it freely to millions of people. Use common sense!

How Is It Even Possible To Deceive People Like This?

These people know very well that rarely anyone reads every single sentence from a website, nor clicks all the links. People are busy with work, kids, losing weight, whatever else it might be, so they don’t search very well. They don’t like to read. They want fast results, here and now.

So the crooked companies use this to hide the real “disclosure” somewhere, mostly behind a well-hidden link hardly anyone will click on. Instead of proper disclosure of all the terms, people see only the “free” bottle.

Alert: Beware The “Free” Green Coffee OffersAuto-ship scams are not only related to green coffee. This kind of crooked marketing became very popular with the Internet expansion and it has been going on for a long time for many products. The FT Commission usually shuts them down after a while but new ones appear all the time. Often victims dispute the credit cards used for the scheme and banks revoke the payment privileges, but this is a very long process since the scammers often manage to find more expensive off-shore processors and they become able to survive even for years.

We have been warning people about this so-called free products for a long time. Believe us, it is just a ripoff. They are proof we all love to get free things without any effort. If you think like this, these things will often happen to you. There are numerous of frauds on the Internet, if you don’t stop believing everyone and wishing for free stuff, you will lose a lot of money. You know the old saying: “If it looks too good to be true, it is.” Life works this way. Use your brain and avoid free offers. Open your eyes even for the non-free products you buy from the Internet. Use common sense! Real and authentic websites DO NOT automatically ship the product, they specifically ask you to place the order and they will never spam your e-mail with free offers.

Avoid problems by avoiding “free” products in general!

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