This is a review of Research Verified Green Coffee Pure. This supplement is designed to be used by those who wish to have more energy and to lose weight, as the green coffee is meant to speed up metabolism and melt fat off the body. Read on for the complete review and why this is the product for you.


Research Verified Green Coffee only has one ingredient contained within it. This ingredient is Green Coffee Bean Extract with 50% Chlorogenic Acid. The 50% of chlorogenic acid is meant to ensure that this is working better in the body and is one of the reasons why Research Verified Green Coffee is different than other products on the market.


To use this and achieve the best results, Research Verified Green Coffee should be taken two times per day. It should be taken thirty minutes before meals. The dosage is one capsule with one glass of water. Most people utilize breakfast and lunch as the time frame to take this product for superior results.


There are three packages offered by Research Verified Green Coffee to purchase. The first option is a one-month supply that includes one bottle for $48. This package includes a 30% savings, as each bottle is regularly priced at $69.95. The second option is a 3 months supply which includes buying 2 bottles and getting one for free. The total of each bottle is then $33, for a package total of $98, a savings of 53%. The last package is a six months’ supply where you purchase 3 bottles and receive 3 for free. This make search bottle cost $24. The total package price is $142, with a saving of 66%.

Possible Side Effects

No side effects have been reported with the use of Research Verified Green Coffee. However, green coffee has been known to cause slight digestive issues, which usually clear up as the person’s body becomes more accustomed to this. In addition, green coffee does contain caffeine, thus those with caffeine sensitivities will should be careful.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Consumer reviews on Research Verified Green Coffee are limited, but those that were found are very positive. Consumers often report more energy which makes the person feel better overall. Weight loss has also been seen when taking this product for an extended period of time.

The manufacturer fully believes in their product, as Research Verified Green Coffee does come with a 365-day money back guarantee. For any reason during the first 365 days of using the product, a person can ask for a money back refund. All that is needed is to send the used and unused bottles back to the company and the money will be refunded.

The Bottom Line

If you are serious about losing weight, then Research Verified Green Coffee could be the best product for you. This manufacturer offers an outstanding 365-day money back guarantee,  the product utilizes pure green coffee for the best results and several key studies performed demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of the product

If you are ready to lose weight, then Research Verified Green Coffee can offer you the solution that you are longing for.

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