You may have started to notice green coffee bean drinks hitting the shelves of major coffee shops, nutrition shops, and grocery stores. This is because they aid tremendously in weight loss. Some fo the biggest health shows have advertised this. It has also been studied recently to decipher whether its ability to help you lose those extra pounds is fact or fiction. Fortunately, it is the former. But unfortunately, many people don’t know why that is.

What is it?

The Fat Burning Ability of Green Coffee BeansWhen the coffee bean is grown, it is picked off of the plant fresh. The general public views coffee beans as the hard brown little shells we see in our favorite coffee shops. The brown color comes from the roasting part of the process.

The green coffee beans come right off the plant, fresh and new.

The main problem with roasting coffee is that it often disintegrates the helpful nutrients that grow with it. Chlorogenic Acid is one of those essential nutrients that aid in the fat burning process.

The Magic

This Acid resists the intake of glucose in the body. A study tested this by testing 16 overweight patients. These young adults lost an average of 17 pounds within 5 months despite no change int their daily food intake, diet routine, and exercise regimen.

Though this study was criticized for its low sample size, the loss of weight despite no change in diet is a viable defense. The patients’ daily average caloric intake was 2400 calories. They only burned about 400 of those through exercise. So, the loss of an average 17 pounds could only be explained by the addition of the green coffee bean to their daily intake.

Why Use it


The Fat Burning Ability of Green Coffee BeansThe extract itself is 100% pure. There are no additives, including any fillers, binders, colors or tastes. Just make sure that when you purchase it, the label only has the ingredients green coffee beans, magnesium stearate, calcium carbonate, and gelatin. Otherwise, you are safe and sound with a natural product that prevents you from the unwanted side effects and risks when unnatural ingredients are added in.

Chlorogenic Acid

This is the content that actually makes you burn the fat. As mentioned above, it blocks the absorption of glucose. With a potent content of forty to about fifty percent of this miracle extract, you are bound to shed some of those pounds you have been wanting to. Essentially, this drug conveniently makes the process faster, easier, and cheaper than buying a gym membership and a brand new set of groceries.


Make sure doses are in between 400 and 800 mg so that the body doesn’t destroy them in the digestion process. If you get a dosage too small, it will render useless as the body destroys it before it gets into your system.

Where to Grab them

The extract can be found in searching the shelves of health shops. Make sure you pay close attention to the criteria above so that you are taking it effectively and safely. If you have nay questions, most shop workers are very willing to help you.

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