It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to lose only 5 pounds or a lot of weight, you’ll probably get to the point when getting the scale to show what you want feels like hell. Research has shown it is indeed hard, it’s not just in our heads.

Obesity Research in their study claim that people are 10 percent heavier than 40 years ago, even if we consume the same amount of calories and do similar workouts. This is due to environmental factors like food, chemicals, personal hygiene product filled with harsh chemicals, stress, depression.

Here are some not so well-known reasons why we keep collecting fat on our bellies.

Endocrine Disruptors

Why We Struggle With Losing Weight — And How To SucceedYou may try to eat healthy and avoid products filled with chemicals, but it doesn’t mean anyone can completely avoid them. All the pesticides and preservatives influence our hormones and making us put on some weight. A study done on mice proved that ethinyl estradiol or bisphenol A – endocrine disruptors – cause lower metabolism.

Do anything you can to limit the exposure to these bad chemicals. Swap the vinyl shower curtain with BPA-free and store your food in glass dishes instead of plastic ones. This can do a lot to rebalance your hormones.

You Are Overweight

People who must lose weight have the hardest time actually doing it, a study from the “American Journal” has stated. Scientist examined the health records of over 250.000 people and found that those with body mass indexes from 30 to 35 (30 is obese) had extremely low chance to attain 5% of the lost weight in a year. Only one of 10 women succeeded to keep the weight away and 50 percent of people gained back all the weight in the first 2 years.

People should focus on smaller goals, like deciding to lose couple of pounds instead of 30 or 50. The smaller goals are easier to attain and you’ll feel happy and motivated to continue in the same direction.

You Diet

Why We Struggle With Losing Weight — And How To SucceedEveryone tried dieting at least once. Everyone is tempted by the new trends we are bombed with from day to day. It may even work for a while, you lose weight but you will probably deprive your body from nutrients and sooner or later you’ll stuff yourself with junk food.

One study found that yo-yo dieting can be damaging to the body. It disrupts hormones responsible for hunger and it causes them to remain altered. The result is you being hungry most of the time – and even if you succeed in losing weight – if will not be long before you put it back on.

To avoid this, don’t try any fads. Eat well-balanced meals!

You Exercise Too Hard

Regular and hard workouts sound awesome, but people tend to overeat when they’re on a hard exercise regimen. “I workout a lot, I may as well eat whatever I want without the consequences.” Sorry, but things do not go this way.

Move and eat healthy. Do not overeat and over-exercise. Combination of both, well-balanced diet and workouts is best way to lose weight and keep it off. Every aspect of life requires balance.

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