Traditional coffee, or black coffee is made from roasted beans, and green coffee is made from “green” or fresh, unroasted beans. It is produced from the Arabica plant and relatively new in the weight loss world. It has even been featured in many famous TV programs, by well-known and respectable doctors.

Green coffee extract has shown many health benefits in various scientific studies. These benefits come mostly from chlorogenic acid which is an antioxidant – just like in green tea or grape seed – and caffeine. The roasting of coffee beans reduces the amount of chlorogenic acid [CGA]. Therefore, green coffee beans have higher levels when compared to regular black coffee. There are several other factors besides the CGA and caffeine, but these two are the most important. It is worth noting that Green coffee brew is not so high in caffeine and it shouldn’t interfere with your sleeping habits.

Weight-Loss Benefits

Green Coffee: Health BenefitsOne study from March 2006 claims that daily ingestion of green coffee extract reduced body fat and promoted weight loss in tested mice, and improved the liver’s fat composition. Other mice were given isolated caffeine and chlorogenic acid and the effect was almost the same, which proves that these compounds are mostly responsible. Chlorogenic acid can be consumed and easily digested by humans, so as the extract. When it comes to weight loss, everybody knows that healthy eating and exercise do the job, but it can’t hurt to enhance the workouts with this powerful supplement.

Green Coffee Reduces High Blood Pressure

Besides weight loss promotion, green coffee is also proven to reduce high blood pressure. A study by Clinical and Experimental Hypertension published in 2006 in which the patients have been supplemented by 140 mg of the green coffee extract in a day helped to reduce high blood pressure throughout the research. There were no side effects reported whatsoever. This fact suggests that green coffee is indeed a good and healthy way to battle high blood pressure.

Mood Boosting Properties

It has been widely known that green coffee has mood boosting effects and improves cognitive performance. Several studies have claimed the caffeine improves reaction time, memory, alertness, vigilance and helps to battle fatigue. It is said that optimal intake of green coffee should be between 38 to 400mg per day, or 1/3 to four cups of brewed coffee per day, varying from person to person.

Green Coffee Is High In Antioxidants

Green Coffee: Health BenefitsGreen coffee and its derivatives contain a great number of antioxidants which help to reduce cell-damaging caused by free radicals. This function helps to save your health by reducing the stress and damage to the cells. One study published in 2004 by the “Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry” proved that the antioxidants from chlorogenic acid prevent proliferation of cancerous cells in four kinds of cancer. Having in mind the number of cancer deaths per year, this is a great thing.

We all have been taught we can benefit from black coffee when consumed in moderation. This same goes for green coffee, up to three cups daily and your body will be grateful.

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