It has been stated that 69 percent of Americans take supplements. But are they dangerous? Researchers from Alliance for Natural Health found that when compared with supplements, a person is:

  • 900 and over times more likely to die of food poisoning
  • around 300 thousand times will more likely die of some preventable injury

Also, a person is 62.000 times more likely to die from pharmaceutical drugs than supplements and it’s over 7500 times more likely pharmaceutical drugs are more likely to kill you than any herbal remedy.

This UK research proves the pharmaceutical drugs are dangerous and opposed to them, herbal remedies and supplements belong to the ‘super-safe’ category, where the risk of dying from them is less than one in ten million. It is sad that a person is more likely to die by a lightning struck than from supplement induced lethal reaction.

Why Are Supplements Constantly Being Attacked

Natural vs Pharmaceutical Drugs - Lies And DangersHerbal remedies, vitamins and minerals have extremely safe track records but are still being attacked and singled out as dangerous from organizations like FDA or US Food. This is due to FDA’s guidance on NDI, which require the industry to prove safety off all used ingredients, even if these ingredients have been around for years and even decades. Original New Dietary Ingredients (NDI) Draft claims that dietary supplements are not safe and they need to be tested to protect people, even though it has been proven the supplements are safer and healthier than pharmaceutical drugs. So, why on Earth is this necessary? It is absurd.

This is all happening to eliminate the competition. If supplements are publicly claimed to be good, nobody will buy drugs. According to the US National Poison Data System, there has not been any death attributable to mineral or vitamin supplements. It has been stated by the Orthomolecular News Service that Americans take 60 billion of supplements per year and no related death had been reported that can be attributed to supplementing. The number is even higher, since rarely anyone takes only one tablet per day. This is amazing record and it will be useful data for the future status of nutritional supplements.

People Should Be Afraid Of Drug Industry

It is a well-known fact that many people die from pharmaceutical drugs. The number is higher than 125.000 per year. FDA is known to allow poorly tested medicaments to go out on a marketplace. Some of them have to be withdrawn due to the deathly consequences. There is none rational explanation why herbal remedies and supplements are being scrutinized and pharmaceutical drugs not. It can only be explained as greed, financial one, that is willing to put millions of lives in jeopardy. Money is that powerful.
US NPDS made a list of most dangerous and lethal drugs out there.

1. Sedatives, analgesics, antipsychotics and hypnoticsNatural vs Pharmaceutical Drugs - Lies And Dangers

2. Cardiovascular medicaments

3. Acetaminophen

4. Opiods

5. Antidepressants

Lower on the list can be found anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, antacids, hormones, antihistamines and anticoagulants.

Say No To Pharmaceutical Drugs

These drugs, like the recreational drugs did in the past, take many lives nowadays. Be smart, eat healthy, do some physical activity and you won’t need supplements, let alone lethal medical drugs.

The risk from taking them is huge. There are numerous side-effect just waiting to mess with your body. No one claims you will be killed, but they can do exactly this, or leave you crippled for life. We have to battle this evil, and not the helpful nutritional supplements.

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