Losing the extra weight can make you feel and look better, but keeping the healthy amount of weight has multiple benefits that are just being discovered. It has been proven that weight loss can help to those suffering from arthritis and allergies, and it can relieve foot joint pain. We will mention couple of reasons more why you should drop the extra weight.

Fewer Asthma Symptoms And Allergies

Who would even guess that allergies and extra weight have anything in common, but medicine specialist from Mount Kisco – Michael Wald – has discovered that one highly impacts the other. He said that being overweight worsens allergies. He also claims it puts burden on adrenal glands involved in regulating asthma. Being obese is hard for respiratory system and it exacerbates asthma symptoms.

Weight Loss Helps With Foot Pain

Several Important Reasons Why You Should Lose WeightIf you weigh less, it also means no more harsh pressure on your feet – the part of the body that carries most of the pressure. One study found that the foot and joint pain dropped by 83% among those people who lost 90 pounds in average. Do you feel there’s something wrong with your feet? It’s hard for them to carry you around? Perhaps it is time to consider losing some weight.

Better Looking Skin

Extra weight affects the skin in numerous ways. It is a common knowledge that skin color and its elasticity are altered by nutrition. High carb diet can cause skin tags and pallor. Eye puffiness and dark circles can signal anemia, iron deficiency, diabetes, or stress.

It Relieves Arthritis

Research has proven many strong connections between arthritis and weight loss. Numerous studies have confirmed that weight-loss relieves arthritis pain. They tested 87 adults with knee problems and found that those from weight-loss group improved their health significantly compared to the group that didn’t lose weight.

It Elevates Mood

Several Important Reasons Why You Should Lose WeightWhen body is unhealthy and overweight, the whole system goes out of order. This also includes hormones important in mood regulation. Weight-loss helps increase the overall health and ease depression. Many obese and overweight people become depressed and many depressed people become obese, it’s a vicious cycle. Depression reduces the ability to do anything about the weight and vice versa.

Weight Loss Improves Sleep

Most overweight people suffer from sleep apnea. A study with 264 people has been conducted and the researchers found out that those who lost a lot of weight decreased their apnea problems and now have better sleep. Having in mind that apnea can kill, this is a significant finding.

Type 2 Diabetes Can Be Reversed

One of the most important facts about weight loss is that it helps to reverse the otherwise serious condition – type 2 diabetes. Obesity and diabetes are close friends and tied closely. Obesity is among top 3 risks for this type of diabetes unfortunately. In a more recent study on more than 400 bypass surgery patients, it has been discovered that 83 of them succeeded to reverse and cure the diabetes completely. If you suffer from type 2 diabetes, make sure to lose some weight, you will do your body a favor.

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