What is Advanced Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Advanced Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Extract uses the raw, uncooked version of traditional coffee beans. These “beans”, which are actually seeds, are loaded with chlorogenic acid. Recent scientific studies have shown that chlorogenic acid may help a person lose weight and may boost metabolism. Because cooking can break down this acid, green coffee beans are preferable to roasted ones which is what makes this extract a good choice.


The main ingredient is the only one advertised to help in weight loss: Green Coffee Bean Extract. Advanced Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Extract uses this to provide a relatively large dose of chlorogenic acid, which is found in a lot of natural foods, including fruits, veggies, and even some teas. The dosage per serving of this product is 800 mg of green coffee bean extract.


When taking as a nutritional or dietary supplement, take one capsule up to two times per day. For best results, take with eight ounces of water and approximately half an hour before breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


the price is $14.99 for 60 veggie capsules. Though we searched, we could find no offers for sales, no discount for buying in bulk, and no opportunity to have it shipped on a regular basis.

Possible Side Effects

There are people who should not take Advanced Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Extract. If you are or may become pregnant or are a nursing mother, you shouldn’t take this herbal supplement. Children under the age of eighteen should also not take it and it should be kept out of the reach of small children. If you have any health problems, such a diabetes, you should speak to a medical professional before beginning this. Like anything with caffeine, you may become jittery after taking this.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

We did not find any guarantees pertaining to Advanced Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Extract. There were no mentions of any promises that this product will work as advertised, nor was there a mention of a money-back guarantee if it didn’t. This could be a red flag that means that this product isn’t a great choice, or it could just be the standard practice of the company. The company does provide an online form to request a return authorization, but it does not indicate any refund policy.

The Bottom Line

If you are thinking about purchasing Advanced Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Extract, you should proceed with caution. Although the purchase price is low compared to competitors, the lack guarantees of any type raise caution flag.

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