What is Biotrim Labs Pure Green Coffee Extract?

Biotrim Labs Pure Green Coffee Extract is one of the numerous products on the market today that claims to offer consumers a natural solution to the problem of excessive weight. The manufacturer claims this supplement is derived from unroasted coffee beans which contain a natural compound called Chlorogenic acid, which is what aids in weight loss. The product also alleges it contains powerful antioxidant ingredients that affect how the body processes blood sugar and speeds up metabolism. Additionally, the supplement asserts that it can combat free radicals in the bloodstream. Other allegations that the manufacturer makes regarding this supplement include the ability to slow down the aging process, the alleviation of hypertension, the enhancement of circulation, and the toning of muscles for a younger look. The aim of this review is to give you a comprehensive coverage of the facts regarding this product before you commit your hard-earned money to buy it.


This product contains 800mg of green coffee bean extract containing 50% chlorogenic acid. The manufacturer states that this product contains less than 5% caffeine. These ingredients are encased in a veggie capsule.


The manufacturer of the supplement recommends taking take one capsule 30 minutes before every main meal accompanied by an 8oz glass of water. One would assume from this that you should take 3 capsules a day, but this is unclear. Three capsules a day will also bring your daily serving of green coffee bean extract to 2,400mg a day which seems a bit excessive.


The recommended retail price per bottle is $54.95. However, the company offers a special premier membership price of $32.97 that allows buyers to enjoy savings of up to $21.98.

Possible Side Effects

So far, we have not come across any adverse side effects accompanying the consumption of this product. However, all consumers need to be cautious to avoid overdosing which can lead to adverse side effects. This product also contains caffeine, so users who are sensitive to it should take with caution.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Our search did not lead us to any manufacturer money-back guarantee accompanying this product. This lack of a refund policy leaves a buyer with no option if the product fails to meet their needs and expectations. Also, we did not see any verified user reviews on the manufacturer’s website, so we could not independently establish the effectiveness of the product.

The Bottom Line

Biotrim Labs Pure Green Coffee Extract comes at a reasonable price, and it is also accompanied with special membership discounts which may make this an attractive product. However, the product has a few shortcomings that can make a willing buyer look for other alternatives on the market. First, it lacks a crucial money-back guarantee that needs to shield a customer if the product fails to work as per its promise. Second, the supplement does not have the necessary third-party certifications that can bear witness to its quality and safety, for instance, the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification. Lastly, it has no verified user reviews that can attest to its efficacy.

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