What is Creative Bioscience Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Creative Bioscience’s Green Coffee Bean Extract is designed to assist its users in their weight loss goals. The main component of this dietary supplement is the green coffee bean extract that has been harvested from fresh, unroasted green coffee beans to ensure that the fat slimming components are preserved. Users do not need to follow any special diet when taking Green Coffee Bean Extract supplement as its ingredients are said to do the work. The product can be purchased directly from the manufacturer and from licensed retailers.


The Green Coffee Bean Extract developed by Creative Bioscience has Chlorogenic acid as its active ingredient. Other ingredients that are used in this product are the Green Coffee Bean Extract Blend amounting to 800 mg and vegetable cellulose for its capsules. No other ingredients such as binders, fillers, and artificial ingredients are present in this dietary supplement.


The directions for the use of Creative Bioscience’s Green Coffee Bean Extract supplement is simple enough to follow. Users of this supplement should take two capsules per day. One capsule should be taken 30 minutes before breakfast and the other should be taken 30 minutes before lunch with a glass of water. To get the best output from this supplement, users are recommended to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Consumers are reminded not to exceed the recommended dosage of two capsules per day.


The original price for Creative Bioscience’s Green Coffee Bean Extract supplement is $59.95 but you can purchase it at a discounted price of $32.95 for a single bottle containing 60 capsules. Creative Bioscience is currently offering 4 bottles of this supplement for a price of $79.45 so you can save up to $106.35. Shipping fee will be included upon checkout.

Possible Side Effects

After careful research on the Green Coffee Bean Extract supplement by Creative Bioscience, we have determined that there are no known side effects associated with the product. The amount of caffeine present in the supplement is at 20% which is less than the amount of a single cup of coffee. There are no recorded jitters experienced by its users.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Creative Bioscience offers a full money-back guarantee for its Green Coffee Bean Extract supplement provided that the customer contacts the manufacturer within three business days after receiving the said item. Once the order has been cancelled, the customer can get a full refund. In order to receive credit while not refusing the order, the customer should call on the same day when they ordered the dietary supplement.

The Bottom Line

Based on the research that we have conducted on the Green Coffee Bean Extract supplement, we believe that the product does work as claimed. The facilities used by Creative Bioscience have been inspected by the FDA and have received GMP approval. However, the cost of buying this dietary supplement may not be affordable to a majority of users because of its high price. Although discounts are offered when two or more bottles of Green Coffee Bean Extract are purchased, the price remains to be an issue with many consumers. For those who are looking for affordable alternatives, we can direct you to other options that can deliver what you need at reasonable prices.

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