What is GoNutrition Green Coffee Extract?

As part of the top 10 supplements in the market at the moment, GoNutrition Green Coffee Extract has some high expectations to fill. This dietary supplement not only helps in chipping off some lines at the measuring scale, it also has some pretty powerful antioxidant properties to help cleanse your body. The main compound found in green coffee extract is chlorogenic acid which is known for its high antioxidant properties.


GoNutrition Green Coffee Extract walked a fine line during the manufacturing process and it seems that it was decided to go to the safest route. This supplement features only one active ingredient which is the Green Coffee Bean Extract. Each capsule contains about 237.5mg of the extract which gives you about 47.5mg of chlorogenic acid which has a potency of 20%. This product contains caffeine as expected so keep that in mind especially if you cannot tolerate anything with caffeine.


The recommended adult dosage for this supplement is to take 1 capsule one to three times per day. Take one before a meal, preferably 30 minutes to an hour before. If you are doing daily exercises then it is suggested that you also take one to three capsules one hour before you start your training regimen. As with all supplements of this kind, it is important that you include daily exercise and a healthy diet along with this product to truly get the benefits faster.


Each bottle of GoNutrition Green Coffee Extract has a price tag of $14.83. One bottle comes with 90 capsules which is enough for a month’s supply. You can order this product in bulk at their official website but it is not offered with any special discounts, but you do get reward points which you can use for future purchases.

Possible Side Effects

While this supplement uses a lowered level of the extract, it still contains caffeine. The concentrated form also means that it will be more powerful so it is best that you stay within the recommended dosage levels to avoid complications and side effects. As for the side effects, there are several mild ones that can develop by using these types of supplements, this includes headaches, nausea, digestive problems, palpitations, and restlessness. Follow the instructions on the label or as instructed by your health professional to ensure that none of these side effects occur.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

This product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee that you can avail if you feel that the supplement is not giving you the desired results. You can request a refund through their official website as long as it is still within the 30-day period after you receive the product.

The Bottom Line

What truly sets GoNutrition Green Coffee Extract apart from other supplements is that it is one of the safest ones available. It features a well-balanced mixture of green coffee bean extract which minimizes the risk of side effects. That said, it is quite expensive if you plan on buying bulk orders and it still has a low presence online with only a handful of reviews.

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