What is Green Coffee ZT?

Green Coffee ZT is an all-natural supplement that stimulates weight loss and fat burning, as well as cleansing the colon to flush away toxins. Using unroasted green coffee beans as the primary ingredient, this supplement works to boost the metabolism, stabilize sugar levels, and provide a natural boost of energy. Unroasted green coffee beans contain the ingredient Chlorogenic Acid, which is proven to be a catalyst in burning fat.


After thoroughly researching Green Coffee ZT on the manufacturer’s website, we were unable to locate the full list of the ingredients or quantities within this product. The website does list that Green Coffee ZT contains the following ingredients:

They also state that this product contains all natural ingredients and that there are no cheap fillers or unsafe ingredients.


The manufacturer’s website does not provide the dosage instructions for this product. However, after researching other websites that review Green Coffee ZT, they state that it is recommended to take 2 pills daily (once in the morning and once in the evening) for best results.


Green Coffee ZT (60 capsules) offers a 30-day trial to new customers for free (you pay shipping and handling). Each bottle thereafter is priced at $99.95 (please note that this dietary supplement is purchased as a subscription, not a one-time purchase). Offering free trials is usually a gimmick used to get customer’s contact information. By only being able to purchase this product by subscription can also make cancelling orders and stopping payment difficult.

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturer encourages consumers to consult with their healthcare provider prior to use. They also caution to stop using Green Coffee ZT and speak with your healthcare provider if there are any changes in your medical condition.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer claims a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their website, but do not provide details about that assurance. They do however allow you the option to cancel your subscription to this dietary supplement if you are not satisfied with the product. You are able to cancel within 14 days of your initial trial to avoid the reoccurring purchase of $99.95 by calling customer service.

The Bottom Line

Green Coffee ZT offers an appealing solution to weight loss and fat burning. The ability to trial this product for free is a risk-free way to see if the product is effective in its results. However, the inability to see the full list of ingredients, read reviews of the product, or make a one-time purchase (as opposed to a reoccurring subscription) are things to be aware of in purchasing this product. Consumers may be able to find more cost-effective products with similar ingredients elsewhere, making it worthwhile to explore other green coffee supplements on the market.

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