What is Just Potent Green Coffee Bean?

Just Potent Green Coffee Bean Extract is one of the many herbal supplements on the market that boast of possessing the ability to help people lose weight naturally. This supplement claims that consumers can start to see results within the first week of using it. Additionally, the remedy alleges that it can reduce blood pressure levels as it boosts the metabolism of the body. Green Coffee Bean Extract also claims to suppress your appetite and bring it to manageable levels, helping you to feel fuller for longer. The manufacturer also asserts that the product can increase your energy levels and alertness. The aim of this review is to give you accurate information so that you can verify these allegations before you make a decision to purchase it.


The manufacturer uses several ingredients to concoct the supplement. The remedy does not contain artificial colorings, fillings, binders, or additives. Each capsule contains 400mg of pure green coffee bean extract, standardized to contain 50% chlorogenic acid.


The supplement comes with simple dosage instructions. Adult consumers are supposed to take two capsules per day. However, they need to do so 30 minutes before breakfast or lunch.


Users can buy this product at a retail price of $44.99 for a bottle of 90 capsules. At the time we were searching the manufacturer’s website, we found a discount of $25.00 for the same bottle.

Possible Side Effects

During our search, we did not come across any adverse side effects that this product can cause. However, there are a few warnings that the manufacturer issues so that users can consume the supplement in a safer manner. First, the product is not suitable for consumption by expectant or nursing mothers. Second, every would-be consumer who is taking any other medications or planning to undergo surgery need to consult their doctor before using this remedy. Third, the manufacturer urges users to discontinue the dosage if they develop any adverse side effects.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer of this product does not back it with any guarantee. This lack of assurance leaves the buyer with no fall-back to resort to in case the product fails to work as promised. We found only four reviews on the manufacturer’s website, but we could not independently verify them.

The Bottom Line

Just Potent Green Coffee Bean Extract is a good natural product with a few admirable qualities. First, it is made with natural ingredients, and there are no recorded adverse side effects associated with its consumption. Second, it is affordable, and the manufacturer backs it with a generous discount of more than 50%. However, it has a few shortcomings that can drive a potential customer to a competitor’s alternative. First, the product has no manufacturer’s guarantee, and this lack of assurance leaves a buyer with no option to which they can resort if the product fails to work for them. Second, the product has no Good Manufacturing Practice certification to enhance a customer’s confidence level.

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