What is Life Extension CoffeeGenic Green Coffee Extract?

Many people struggle with high blood sugar levels despite making concentrated efforts to control their carbohydrate intake. Green coffee bean extract contains a blend of natural elements that counter this problem. A clinical test showed that a 400 mg dosage led to an astounding drop of 24% in post-meal blood sugar content after only 30 minutes, while a dosage of 200 mg resulted in a 14% drop. This was due to chlorogenic acid, a polyphenol found in green coffee beans. This review aims to present to you all the facts about this supplement in order to help you make a purchasing decision.


CoffeeGenic Green Coffee Extract is formulated from all-natural green coffee beans through a licensed extraction procedure. Since these capsules control the absorption of caloric content from starches and sugars, they can help with weight loss and body trimming. This supplement contains 400 mg of green coffee extract standardized to 50% chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid has been scientifically proven to keep a check on the enzyme, glucose-6-phosphatase. Controlling the levels of glucose-6-phosphatase is an important step for many people to achieve optimum glucose levels. Chlorogenic acid also supplies active energy to the body.


The manufacturers have specified the recommended dosage for this supplement. Take one capsule before a heavy meal, three times a day. It is best to consult your physician before starting the course.


A bottle containing 90 tablets costs $28.50. This is discounted from the retail price of $32. There is also the option to buy this supplement in a package of four bottles for a cost of $21 per bottle. The manufacturer also offers an auto-ship program where each bottle can be purchased for $21, and each month the product is automatically shipped to you. It is important to find out the canceling policies of these auto-ship programs and to make sure payments stop when you wish to discontinue using the product.

Possible Side Effects

As this supplement is made from all-natural ingredients, there are no known side effects to taking this supplement. However, caution has been given for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and those suffering from any medical conditions. You should consult your doctor before taking this supplement. The manufacturer also states that this product contains 12 mg of caffeine, so those who are sensitive to caffeine should take note.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Life Extension offers customers a 12-month guarantee on their products. You are able to return the product for a full refund if you are unhappy with it in any way. The details for this process are available on the manufacturer’s website.

The Bottom Line

This product seems to be a good product if you wishing to lose weight. It contains natural ingredients and comes with a good money-back guarantee. There are some other products on the market that contain a higher daily serving of green coffee bean extract which may make them more effective. It may be worthwhile taking a look at what other products are available on the market.

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