What is Nutrigold Svetol Green Coffee Gold?

Nutrigold Svetol Green Coffee Gold is a clinically proven weight loss support supplement. The key ingredient in green coffee beans is chlorogenic acid, which works to stop the release of glucose into the body, while simultaneously boosting the metabolism and burning fat in the liver. With these two ingredients, the absorption of fat into the body is blocked and you are able to begin the weight loss journey. The benefits of Svetol Green Coffee are supported by 8 research studies, demonstrating the ability to serve as a catalyst for burning fat and boosting the metabolism. This product is not a stimulant (containing less than 2% of caffeine) and contains no harmful additives.


Nutrigold’s Svetol Green Coffee Gold contains 400mg of Svetol Green Coffee Extract in one capsule. This extract is standardized to contain 50% total Polyphenols, 45% Chlorogenic Acid, and 10% 5-Caffeoylquinic Acid. It contains less than 2% caffeine.

This product also contains the vegetarian capsule (non-GMO Plant Source), and non-GMO gluten-free rice concentrate. It does not contain any additives, artificial ingredients, preservatives, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide or titanium dioxide. It is free of egg, milk, peanuts, shellfish, soy, or wheat.


The manufacturer recommends taking one capsule three times daily, each time around a half an hour before each meal unless otherwise directed by your healthcare provider. Each capsule should also be taken with a full 8-ounce glass of water.


This product is not available on the manufacturer’s website for direct purchase. Several other online stores did have this product in stock, averaging around $22.99 for one bottle containing 90 vegetable capsules (around a one-month supply if following the recommended dose).

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturer states that pregnant or nursing women should consult their healthcare provider prior to use. Children under the age of 18 and anyone with a previous medical condition should also speak with their provider before beginning Svetol Green Coffee Gold. As with any other supplement, discontinue use immediately if you experience any adverse outcomes and seek medical help. Please also note that this supplement does contain some caffeine.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Nutrigold’s website is quite extensive with information about their proven ingredients, the quality assurance, and their commitment to providing the best supplements to consumers. However, there are no statements about satisfaction guarantees or money back guarantees. The website does not have any reviews on their products or testimonials from customers.

The Bottom Line

Nutrigold’s Svetol Green Coffee Gold is a unique formula that is clinically proven to help support weight loss. The manufacturer provides a robust website with extensive information about the product, its ingredients, and the company itself. However, they do not provide any satisfaction guarantees or money back guarantees, which makes it difficult to determine the effectiveness of their product. With a recommended dose of 3 capsules daily, one bottle (priced at $22.99) will only last around one month. It may be beneficial to explore other cost-effective and satisfaction guaranteed green coffee bean products on the market.

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