What is Paradise Herbs Green Coffee Bean?

The Green Coffee Bean dietary supplement by Paradise Herbs is designed to assist in weight loss and enhance beauty. The manufacturer uses natural extraction methods to harvest the true essence of raw coffee beans in order to retain the synergistic and active components for better results. A bottle of this supplement contains 60 vegetarian capsules. The manufacturer does not sell directly to consumers but their products are made available to licensed retail outlets.


The Green Coffee Bean dietary supplement by Paradise Herbs is made mostly of Green Coffee Bean Extract with 50% Chlorogenic acids at 800mg per capsule. The only other ingredient that has been found in this supplement is the capsule which is made from vegetable material. There are no fillers, common allergens, or binders found in this dietary supplement.


The directions on how to use Paradise Herbs’ Green Coffee Bean dietary supplement are simple. Users should take two capsules per day. The supplement should be taken 30 minutes before a meal. The number of capsules to be taken can change depending on the recommendations of a professional health care provider. The Green Coffee Bean supplement should be stored in a dry place. Keep the product out of reach of your children.


The standard price for Paradise Herbs’ Green Coffee Bean dietary supplement is $27.99. When you purchase it online, the price can range from $13.00 to $17.00 depending on which online retailer you buy it from. The price may further change when you buy it in pharmacies or retail outlets that sell this diet supplement.

Possible Side Effects

Based on our research, the Green Coffee Bean supplement by Paradise Herbs may cause side effects in certain individuals such as those who are sensitive to caffeine. Women who are pregnant are recommended to consult their doctors before taking this supplement. There are some customers who claim that this supplement did nothing for their weight loss and has caused dizziness and sleeplessness, especially at night.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Paradise Herbs does not provide any information regarding the return of their products. It is possible to ask for a refund from online retailers depending on their return and exchange policies. Most of the time, customers can get a full refund for Green Coffee Bean by Paradise Herbs when you return the item to the seller within 30 days of purchase. The receipt, as well as packaging, should be shipped back including the reason for the return to get the full refund. Shipping fees are not shouldered by the seller.

The Bottom Line

Based on our extensive research on Paradise Herbs’ Green Coffee Bean dietary supplement, we have determined that there is not enough information on the efficacy of the product. There are customers who claim that the supplement works for them while others remark on the side effects they felt after taking the Green Coffee Bean supplement. However, the lack of sufficient information on the product is questionable as is the return policy of the manufacturer. The price may be steep in some cases but there are other options that are considerably affordable with enough details for customers to come up with a better decision.

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