What is Slimcentials Svetol Green Coffee Bean?

Svetol Green Coffee Bean is a dietary supplement containing svetol, a green coffee bean extract known for its potent fat-burning properties. Its aims to safely help with weight loss and body contouring which has been proven by 11 clinical trials. When taken in combination with a balanced diet and regular physical activity, Svetol promotes quick and effective weight loss. This extract stimulates and eases fat burning by blocking up glucose pathways. It also checks glucose absorption by the intestines, which further prevents fat accumulation. Svetol breaks down fat content while sustaining muscle mass, resulting in a slimmer and shapelier body.


Each serving of Svetol contains 200 mg of svetol or green coffee bean extract. Clinically proven to fight obesity, svetol also helps to control diabetes, regulates high blood pressure, and combats bacterial infections and Alzheimer’s disease. The chlorogenic acid present in green coffee beans helps to regulate metabolism and control blood sugar accumulation.

Each capsule of Svetol contains 45% or 90 mg of chlorogenic acid. Svetol’s chlorogenic content helps to block the body from using up carbohydrates. With lower levels of usable carbohydrates, the body starts to burn fat actively. This is because the body needs energy to function and it derives this fuel by burning up stored fat.

Non-medicinal ingredients in Svetol include:

  • Calcium (as citrate and carbonate)
  • Capsule (Kosher & Halal certified gelatin)
  • Silicon dioxide


Slimcentials Svetol Green Coffee Bean comes with a set of very easy instructions. The recommended dosage is one capsule five times a day with food. The manufacturers have added that the recommendation duration of dosage is 12 weeks. Consult a physician if you wish to use this product beyond that period.


Slimcentials Svetol can be purchased in a bottle containing 45 capsules. Each bottle is available at $24.95 from the manufacturer’s website. The manufacturers also offer an auto ship option at a discounted rate of $21.95 per bottle. By availing this option, you can gain a discount of $3.00 or 12%.

Possible Side Effects

Svetol is not intended for use by pregnant or nursing mothers. Consult your physician before taking this supplement if you suffer from:

If your goal is to lose weight, consult your physician prior to taking this supplement. Svetol has been known to cause an allergy in some users; if you experience distressing symptoms, discontinue usage.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Slimcentials Svetol comes with a Certificate of Analysis issued by Naturex, a global leader in sustainable development. This should help reassure users that Svetol’s formulation and ingredients conform to industry standards and are safe to use. Slimcentials also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can get a full refund within the stated time period.

The Bottom Line

Slimcentials Svetol Green Coffee Bean appears to be an effective formula for fat burning and weight loss. It has generated mostly positive reviews, with users saying the green coffee bean content has helped them lose weight quickly and effectively. It also comes with a certificate of approval from Naturex, which helps validate its efficacy further. However, this product is not good for an extended period of time and has a higher risk of side effects to some other similar products on the market.

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