What is Trusted Nutrients Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract?

You are probably familiar with coffee beans, the seeds that are ground to make the morning drink we all know and love. Green coffee bean extract is made from the raw, unroasted version of those seeds, which are normally called “beans”. These beans contain an acid called chlorogenic acid, which has been linked to weight loss and an ability to maintain it. Because this acid has been shown to break down when the beans are roasted, unroasted beans are a better choice.


The main ingredient used in Trusted Nutrients Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract is simple: Green Coffee Bean Extract. The main benefit of this ingredient is its relatively high amount of chlorogenic acid, which is found in other vegetables and fruits and even black tea. Each capsule of Trusted Nutrients Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract will provide you with 800 mg of green coffee bean extract per serving.


To take as a dietary supplement, take one capsule up to twice a day. For best results, you should take with an eight ounce glass of water, and approximately half an hour before a meal.


The listed retail price is $89.00 for a bottle of 360 veggie capsules. It’s unlikely they ever charge (or anyone would pay) that price in fact. There “sale” price at time of writing is $38.00. If you wish to purchase on a regular basis, you’ll need to order each bottle yourself; there isn’t an option to have it automatically shipped.

Possible Side Effects

There are certainly those that shouldn’t take Trusted Nutrients Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract. If you are currently pregnant, or are going to be pregnant or are a nursing mother, you shouldn’t take this product. It isn’t appropriate for children under the age of 18. If you have a known health problem, including diabetes or hypoglycemia, you should consult a physician before you begin use of Trusted Nutrients Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract. Unlike other green coffee bean extract supplements, Trusted Nutrients claims that its product doesn’t cause jitters.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer’s return policy states that it accepts returns of product bought directly from them. Products need to be in their original packaging, and must be returned within 100. There is no additional detail on the amount of refund when a product is returned.

The Bottom Line

In a crowded marketplace, Trusted Nutrients Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract stands out by noting its level of caffeine makes it “non-stimulating”. The refund policy is somewhat unclear, although you are allowed you to send back product bought from the company’s website if you aren’t satisfied. Be cautious.

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