What is Vitacost Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Vitacost Green Coffee Bean Extract uses green coffee beans, which are a raw version of the coffee beans that are a staple of everyday life. Because they are unroasted, they retain more of the active ingredient which some scientific studies claim can help with weight loss and fat reduction, making green coffee beans a better way to get these benefits.


Vitacost Green Coffee Bean Extract contains only one main ingredient: The extract of green coffee beans. This ingredient is a great way to get chlorogenic acid which, according to Vitacost, as well as other sources, can help a person to lose weight. Each serving (of two capsules) is said to provide 800 mg of chlorogenic acid per serving.


The manufacturer recommends taking two capsules, either once or twice per day before meals, or as directed by a medical professional.


The price of a 60-capsule bottle of Vitacost Green Coffee Bean Extract is $18.89. There is the option to have a new bottle delivered by subscription every 15 – 120 days, though without any discount. The company does offer free shipping on orders over $25.00.

Possible Side Effects

Like almost any medication or supplement, herbal or otherwise, there are a few caveats. Women who are pregnant or nursing, as well as children, shouldn’t use Vitacost Green Coffee Bean Extract, and this product should be kept well out of the reach of kids. Those who suffer from diabetes, hypoglycemia problems, or other medical problems should abstain from taking this until they have spoken with their doctor. The same is true if they are taking any other medications.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Although we couldn’t find any proof of a money-back guarantee, Vitacost does offer an online form to start a return process. The company does guarantee that Vitacost products meet or exceed standards set forth by the FDA, so it should be a safer choice than those that aren’t. However, it also claims that it is not guaranteed to treat or cure any medical condition. It is also guaranteed to be gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly, which is a claim that is put forward by Vitacost, itself, and not evaluated by the FDA.

The Bottom Line

There is no guarantee that Vitacost Green Coffee Bean Extract will work for weight loss. It claims to provide 800 mg of chlorogenic acid, which is supposed to help with weight loss; there is limited proof of that. It would be best to contact the company and have it clarify its return/refund policy before purchasing.

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