What is Zen Health Labs Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Green coffee beans aren’t as familiar as the roasted coffee beans that are ground to make the coffee we all know and love. But they are the same thing except that green coffee beans haven’t been roasted yet. This raw state helps to preserve the benefits that roasting would otherwise diminish, in particular the chlorogenic acid content. It is this ingredient in green coffee beans that has been linked to weight loss, a boost in metabolism, and other health perks.


The only ingredient used in Zen Labs Green Coffee Bean Extract is green coffee bean extract itself. Each serving (each capsule) contains 800 mg of green coffee bean extract, which provides you with a sizable dose of chlorogenic acid.


Take just one capsule up to twice a day, preferably with an 8 oz. glass of water. For the best results, take approximately half an hour before a meal. Follow your physician’s orders if they differ.


As of the time of writing we were unable to find the price of this product.

Possible Side Effects

Like most other supplements and medications, you should be careful when taking this product. Pregnant and nursing women and those under 18 years of age should not take Zen Health Labs Green Coffee Bean Extract. If you have a health condition, you should definitely speak with your physician before you begin taking it. As for side effects, because green coffee beans naturally contain caffeine, you may feel jittery after taking it.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

After careful searching, we couldn’t find a guarantee of any kind pertaining to Zen Health Labs Green Coffee Bean Extract. There is no money-back guarantee or promises that it will work as advertised.

The Bottom Line

As of the time of this review, Zen Health Labs Green Coffee Bean Extract does not seem to be an active product. It cannot be bought from the manufacturer’s web site nor is it in stock on Amazon.com. If it was available, the lack of a money-back guarantee would mean this product should be approached with caution.

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