What is Zestlife Green Coffee Extract 5000mg?

Green coffee bean extract has many benefits, as highlighted by Zestlife. The Chlorogenic acid presented in unroasted and raw green coffee beans are believed to slow glucose secretion, which aids in weight loss. It is also believed to improve cholesterol levels. It also aims to increase serotonin levels, which also promotes weight loss and elevates energy levels.


The main ingredient is 500mg of Green Coffee Extract for one capsule which is equivalent to 5000mg of pure green coffee. Other ingredients include:

  • HPMC capsule
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose


Zestlife recommends taking one capsule two times a day. Each capsule should be consumed before a meal.


On the Zestlife website, the price is in British Pounds. When converted to USD, one bottle of 60 capsules costs $11.27. Two bottles cost $20.03. On Amazon, Zestlife Green Coffee Pure Extract costs $50.66 plus $3.99 for shipping. Since the company is in the United Kingdom, it was challenging to order online and ship to the United States. It will probably be easier to order from Amazon rather than directly from the Zestlife website.

Possible Side Effects

The Zestlife website gives a very general side effects warning. It said to check with a medical professional when a customer makes the choice to start taking Zestlife’s Green Coffee Pure Extract capsules. The site mentions unwanted side effects should be a topic of conversation with a customer’s physician, but doesn’t list specific side effects. The Zestlife website does say to store the Green Coffee  Extract capsules in a cool and dry place and keep out of reach the of children.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer’s commitment is located on Zestlife’s Terms and Conditions page. Zestlife offers a full refund regardless of the reason for the return. The refund will be distributed by the same method the customer paid for the product. The customer will receive the refund 30 days after Zestlife was notified that the customer is unhappy with the product. They will provide postage for the return shipping.

There are reviews for Zestlife’s Green Coffee Bean Extract capsules directly on their website. All seven reviews that are on the Zestlife website are extremely positive. Each one claims that Zestlife’s Green Coffee Bean Extract capsules aided in their weight loss and increased their energy levels. According to them, this was achieved alongside a healthy diet and exercise routine.

The Bottom Line

Zestlife’s Green Coffee Bean Extract capsules seems to be an effective product based on the reviews on the Zestlife website. The ingredients are pure. Although the “5000mg” can be deceiving to the customer. According to the ingredient list, it is important to note the capsule contains 500mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract, which is equivalent to 5000mg of Pure Green Coffee. This seems confusing. We also caution customers to find and understand the specific side effects on the product label since the website only lists a general warning.

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